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Sharp-Dressed Men: Proper Groom and Groomsmen Attire


Are you agonizing over the decision to rent a tux or buy a fabulous Armani suit? The time of day and style of your wedding should determine what the groom and his groomsmen will wear.


Daytime Ceremony (Before 6 PM)


Semi-formal: No tuxedos necessary. A semiformal daytime wedding calls for dark-colored suits on the groom and his groomsmen, paired with white shirts and optional ties.


Formal: Several natty options present themselves for formal daytime ceremonies. Tuxedos, cutaway coats or gray strollers can be paired with a white spread-collared shirt and matching vest and finished off with an ascot or striped tie.


Ultra-formal: The groom will shine almost as brightly as the bride in a cutaway coat, white shirt with collar, gray-striped trousers, gray vest and ascot.


Evening Ceremony (After 6 PM)


Semi-formal: You can choose between a dark tuxedo complete with bowtie and cummerbund or a dark suit with a collared white shirt and tie. A white dinner jacket may be worn for summertime ceremonies.


Formal: the best option for a formal evening ceremony is a black tuxedo with matching vest or cummerbund, white spread-collared shirt and black bowtie. A white dinner jacket and formal trousers are acceptable in the summertime.


Ultra-formal: An ultra-formal evening ceremony sees the groom snazzier than ever in a black tailcoat and trousers, white wing-collared shirt, black vest or cummerbund, and white bowtie.


Casual Ceremony, Daytime or Evening

If the two of you don't see fit to get all gussied up simply to proclaim you love for one another, the sky's the limit in terms of dress options. You may opt for an ultra-casual beach-themed wedding and forego jackets, ties and vests (and perhaps even shoes) altogether. Or you may simply invite your nearest and dearest for a friendly dinner at your favorite restaurant after exchanging vows on the courthouse steps, in which case you may opt for more of a business casual style. It's up to you. Do make sure, however, that the bride's and groom's attire are comparable in terms of formality.


Glossary of Groom's Attire


Cutaway Jacket: Cutaway jackets are appropriate for formal daytime weddings and are short in the front, tapering into a wide tail in the back. Cutaways look best in black or gray and should be paired with matching striped trousers and either an ascot or a striped tie.


Stroller Coat: A black or gray semi-formal jacket cut like a tuxedo. Appropriate for semi-formal daytime weddings.


Tailcoat: An ultra-formal jacket with two to six buttons in the front and two tails in the back.


Tuxedo: Worn at formal and semi-formal evening ceremonies, a tuxedo can be either single- or double-breasted and is finished with a black bowtie, black satin-striped trousers and a matching cummerbund or vest.


Ascot: An extra-wide tie that is folded over and fastened with a tie tack or stickpin. Ascots look best with an ultra-formal cutaway coat.


Bow tie: The best type of tie to wear with a tux. Usually worn in black, but feel free to be creative.


Necktie: A more casual choice, but still elegant. Stick with solid colors.


Cummerbund: A cummerbund is a pleated piece of fabric worn around the waist in lieu of a vest. Some wedding parties choose to dress groomsmen in cummerbunds to match the bridal attendants' dresses.


Vest: Vests present an alternative to cummerbunds and can be paired with either a tuxedo or a formal suit.


Don't forget to jazz up any groom or groomsmen ensemble with the right accessories. Cufflinks make a classic and classy final touch. And matching watches make a fine gift for your groomsmen while at the same time ensuring that they show up on time for the ceremony!


Top 5 Planning Tips

1. Get a dedicated credit card for all of your wedding expenses so that you can dispute the charge if a deal falls though.

2 Earn miles toward your honeymoon with a frequent flyer miles credit card from

3. Get the best deal on airfare, hotel and rental cars for your honeymoon through any travel site of your choice.

4. Create your own web page at with information about your wedding date, location, gift registries, and hotels for out-of-town guests.

5. If you plan to take your spouse's name, get a Name Change Kit to ensure you cover everything.

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