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Wedding Reception Centerpieces


Your wedding centerpiece gives you the opportunity to share your creativity with all of your guests. Options for wedding reception centerpieces are virtually endless; you need not feel limited to traditional flowers. Possibilities can range from economical to elaborate, from beautiful to unusual. Here are some innovative wedding table centerpiece ideas to get you started.


Tradition With a Twist

Miniature wedding cakes: Include a miniature tiered wedding cakes as the wedding reception centerpiece at each table. The bonus: they double as dessert. You may even be able to avoid the caterer's cake-cutting fee this way.


Wrapped favor formation: Build your wedding reception centerpieces out of your guests' party favors. Take Jordan Almonds, candles, chocolates, or the small gift of your choice and wrap them in individual gift boxes tied with ribbon. Stack the boxes in a pyramid at the center of each table and voila - you have your wedding reception centerpiece and parting gifts in one!


Wedding cake favors: This can also serve as both wedding centerpiece and parting gift. Stack two or three cake stands in the center of each table (If you don't want to purchase the stands, ask your caterer to provide them). Wrap a small gift such as Jordan Almonds for each guest in tulle and tie with long satin ribbons. Arrange the favors on the cake stands with the ribbons hanging down to mimic the look of a tiered wedding cake. Find more Wedding Favor Ideas.


Potted orchids: Potted orchids are a gorgeous and exotic choice for your wedding centerpiece. Potted tulips or bouquets of sunflowers offer even more affordable options. If you live in or near a major metropolitan area, you may be able to buy these at a discount from a wholesale florist supplier.


Guest Participation

Instructions for newlyweds: Take either a glass or silver bowl as your wedding reception centerpiece and fill it with pencils or pens labeled with the bride and groom's name and wedding date. At each place setting, include decorative paper and instructions to write words of advice to the newlyweds.


Favorite love poems: Have a professional calligraphy artist create your wedding reception centerpieces out of parchment paper inscribed with your favorite love poems. At each place setting, include specialty pens and decorative paper with instructions for guests to write their own. Sweet and romantic.

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Top 5 Planning Tips

1. Get a dedicated credit card for all of your wedding expenses so that you can dispute the charge if a deal falls though.

2 Earn miles toward your honeymoon with a frequent flyer miles credit card from

3. Get the best deal on airfare, hotel and rental cars for your honeymoon through any travel site of your choice.

4. Create your own web page at with information about your wedding date, location, gift registries, and hotels for out-of-town guests.

5. If you plan to take your spouse's name, get a Name Change Kit to ensure you cover everything.

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