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Top 10 Wedding Stress Busters


1. Take an aromatherapy bath. Add a few drops of relaxing lavender oil to the water and soak for as long as you please.


2. Get some exercise. While devoting so much time to planning a wedding, it's easy to cut exercise time out of your schedule. Make the time to go for a jog, a bike ride or to the gym a few times a week to keep your energy up and to maintain a positive body image.


3. Drink plenty of water. Reach for a bottle of water instead of a coffee or soda. Keeping your body well hydrated gives you more energy.


4. Practice yoga. If you don't have experience with this particular form of exercise, take an introductory class to learn the proper poses and alignment. Once you have the basic poses down, you can take some time to do them at home whenever you find the chance. You'd be amazed at how much tension you can release from your body in just 15 minutes.


5. Get a massage. You can practice yoga, eat right, exercise and drink gallons of water a day, but every once in a while you need to let a professional get in there to work out the kinks. Take a day off to indulge in the luxuries of an day spa. If you don't have the funds for a fancy spa, look up massage schools in your area that may offer discounted sessions with students.


6. Reach for your toes. Bend at the waist and -- keeping your legs as straight as possible without locking your knees -- reach gently for your toes. Strengthen your legs to allow your upper body to hang loosely, thereby releasing tension from your chest, neck and shoulders. Tighten your stomach muscles and return slowly to a standing position, keeping your legs straight and strong.


7. Take a weekend off. Place anything related to wedding planning off-limits for an entire weekend. If someone initiates a conversation about it, politely change the subject. Use the weekend instead to relax, do some pleasure reading, go out to dinner, and get some moderate exercise like hiking, swimming, walking or bike-riding.


8. Spend time with your friends. Have a girls' (or boys') night away from your future spouse to simply relax and laugh with your friends.


9. Breathe. It may sound obvious, but we often forget to breathe deeply. When you feel your body tensing up or anxiety tightening your chest, sit or stand up straight and take long, slow breaths. Inhale until you feel like your lungs are filled to capacity, and then spend the same amount of time on your exhale.


10. Keep things in perspective. It's easy to buy into the idea that your wedding day must be absolutely perfect. Remember that it is just one more day in your life, and the two of you will be happily married the following day even if the caterer got the hors d'oeuvres wrong, the cummerbunds didn't match the bridesmaid's dresses, etc.




Top 5 Planning Tips

1. Get a dedicated credit card for all of your wedding expenses so that you can dispute the charge if a deal falls though.

2 Earn miles toward your honeymoon with a frequent flyer miles credit card from

3. Get the best deal on airfare, hotel and rental cars for your honeymoon through any travel site of your choice.

4. Create your own web page at with information about your wedding date, location, gift registries, and hotels for out-of-town guests.

5. If you plan to take your spouse's name, get a Name Change Kit to ensure you cover everything.

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